Why memory card games?

The game is age-old, simple, yet
entertaining enough so all ages 5-100 years can play.

We first got the idea for a New Zealand-themed game in 2014 when a friend visited our family. They gave us a small cube-shaped box containing memory cards with photographic images of Switzerland. This game got us thinking about making a game for Aotearoa/New Zealand. Until the Swiss game, we had only seen memory card games with stylised images, more suited to younger children.


Lightbulb Moment

Why not present beautiful New Zealand in a fun, educational way that appeals to the young and old? The name NZ IN A BOX® flicked on like a light bulb! We set about sourcing photos from various photographers and stock libraries. We also contacted a trademark lawyer about using the NZ IN A BOX name for our business. After checking it out, he was surprised the name was still available. Happy dance moment for us!



A brief history by author Maria Artho

It was 2014 – working part-time in our local primary school, I also worked on the first game and wrote my first children's book, Jin's Great Escape.

In 2016 the NZ IN A BOX® games were finally ready to print, and the first run was for 10,000 games – yikes! Being a novice in retail, I had not envisaged the effort to sell those numbers! In 2016 I created another game, ZOO IN A BOX® featuring the weird and wonderful critters of NZ.

Fast forward to the present, and we are excited to have the 2nd edition games completed; they are all under the NZ IN A BOX® brand and individually named: Te Reo Māori, Animals of NZ and Explore NZ.

Maria Artho