When Bo Bimble Went Elsewhere

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When Bo Bimble Went Elsewhere

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Perfectly round, impossibly green, and irresistibly soft and fluffy, the bimbles live a quiet, nervous existence in their hidden Fiordland valley. Nervous … except for one. Bo Bimble is different. She’s full of questions, and when she learns from the kea about a predator fence that will cut them off from the land beyond, she sets off to visit before it’s too late. Touring Fiordland with his parents in a campervan, bird-nerd Bernie is startled to find a kakapo-like creature hiding in his bedside cupboard. And so begins a touching tale of friendship and adventure, between a misfit boy and a curious bimble. Can Bernie help Bo find the answers to her questions while keeping her existence a secret? Because if people find out about the bimbles, Bo might never make it home to Bimble Sound.

By award-winning, best selling author Sue Copsey

Age 8-12 years

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